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My Mission

 Is Very Simple


“To serve my loyal network of Career Seekers and Employers, and to provide value to all I touch."


Lorena’s List provides tips, advice, and resources on Careers and Finances to Candidates and Companies.


To give you control in a seemingly uncontrollable process. 


Not only am I focused on helping create Careers; but also helping to relieve stresses financial hardships cause.


To provide cost effective resources and create a partnership relationship to attract Top Talent to your organization.

My mission is to help as many people in my Network as possible. 

How am I different? 

Who else does this?

There are many, many, many, Great People who have been looking for an opportunity and are finding themselves searching for a year or more. These times are very strange indeed. You are not alone. 

These same Great People were used to being sought after in the past and even had bidding wars with different employers.  Now they’re out of work and cannot find an opportunity to save their life. 

Why?  Because Employers are being inundated with Candidates and cannot sift through the masses to locate the best option.

To top off the pain, Candidates are adding on credit card debt just to survive the long wait time to land the Career they deserve.  It’s the reality of our economic times.

I Offer Solutions

I offer options and insight for: 

  • A self administered job search for Candidates and Employers to find each other 
  • Tools and resources to manage your Career if you are employed
  • How to best work with a Recruiter if that's the optimal route
  • Free information on what your Debt Options are
  • How to make informed Career decisions
  • Demystifying the recruiting process and to help solve Financial stresses

Feedback is important to me.  I want this site to be about you and what you want.   In turn, I promise to take the feedback and provide timely responses by updating this site often so all can benefit.

I know many of you reading this are struggling and out of work.  Please accept this Complimentary Emailed Debt Relief Program.  It has proven helpful to many.  It's packed with great information and I've received great feedback to date!

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