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What Do You Want To Know About Lorena’s List?  It's All Here!

What Problem Do I Solve?

I am a Career Marketeer (many times dubbed the Queen Career Marketeer).  

I mentor and coach Career Seekers like you on how to Market yourself (or in certain cases partner you with Recruiters) into Career Opportunities.

I help you discover:

When You Should Work With A Recruiter And When You Should Not!  Knowing The Difference Can Save You Thousands!

I also have solutions for the financial struggles you may have due to Career challenges you’ve faced.

Who Benefits From Working With Me?

Is This You?

  • A Professional Career Seeker with 7 plus years of Corporate Career Experience.
  • You are in the $100K to $350K salary range.
  • You are 35 – 55.
  • You are employable in your chosen profession.
  • You are NOT used to “looking” because you’ve been Career focused.
  • Up until now you’ve had a Progressive Career History.
  • You are Overqualified for most of the Openings “out there”.
  • You need a Job now to focus on paying your billsand then you want proven tips to find the Career you really want so you can build long term Wealth and fix your financial concerns. 
  • You are open to:  Full-time, Part-time, or Contract opportunities.
  • You have Significant Monthly Expenses because of the income you are used to earning, but now are lacking.
  • Your Investments, Savings and Retirement packages are dwindling.
  • Financial Hardship may be looming.
  • You feel Alone and Discouraged.
  • You are determined to do the work it takes to achieve your next Career!
  • You are open to Candid, Life Changing Tips, Advice and Feedback.  

Sounds like you?  Congratulations!  You Are In The Right Place!  My Information Works for the Professional Career Seeker Just Like You!

What Types Of Candidates Are Most Successful With Any Of My Products Or Services?


  • Proactive with actions rather than reactive (or wants to become better at it)
  • Unwilling to be luke-warm about important things
  • Down to earth (not arrogant or egotistical)
  • Open-minded and willing to try new approaches to support their goals
  • High integrity (words and actions match)
  • Has a natural curiosity streak
  • Has strong values
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Understands the necessity and value of taking meaningful risks to get what they want out of life, and are willing to invest time and money in themselves to make it happen.

This information is just a guideline. If you don’t quite fit the exact description, no worries!  Feel free to experience me and my style through one of my many free webinars and see if you feel it’s a good fit!

What’s The Outcome Of Working With Me?

You will:

  • Laser focus your Career Search to the right companies.
  • Get your Resume read by Companies.
  • Stand out from the crowd of applicants.
  • Get your foot in the door and achieve skills to land the Career you want.
  • Get the Job now to pay your bills; then focus on your Career search to build long term wealth and take care of your financial concerns.

Instead of telling you more, let me share some direct testimonials:

  • Lorena has an excellent aptitude for understanding exactly what I needed and wanted.  She is someone I turn to when I am looking for professional assistance. She respects my needs and provides insight for my job research. She uses her knowledge and insight to help steer my efforts and has increased my job search effectiveness immensely. She always has resources, tips and advice to share with me that I would otherwise be at a loss without.  She is the type of connection and mentor that is definitely an asset to my Career aspirations.   Lorena goes that extra mile and makes me feel special as I know she is using all her resources and talents for my benefit. Thanks for all your help Lorena! – John C., Sacramento
  • Lorena is an effective, relentless and faithful Career Mentor who really endears herself to her candidates.  She is a workhorse that added a fresh & creative approach to help me in my Career Search.  Her curiosity and enthusiasm is contagious, and her insights are invaluable.  Lorena is honest and sincere, ethical and she's a delight to be around.  I miss working with her as she has helped me find the perfect opportunity, but I continually find ways to stay connected. – Ray R.,  New York
  • I have attended several webinars and tele-class sessions throughout my recent Career Search, but I have to say, I have never had one that has produced so much value.  Lorena really gave me insights I had never had before.  Lorena is a very genuine person and you can see the integrity she brings to each and every call.  I’ve paid for other Career Coaches in the past I didn’t get 1/10th of the value I got from her sessions.  I have and will continue to highly recommend her services to everyone I come in contact with that needs a boost in their search for their perfect opportunity.  Her information is timely and up to date, fun and what can I say, “great”!  Lorena brings a sense of humor and a systematic approach to her teachings which keeps her at the top of her game.  In my opinion, she is a pure "treasure". – Paul T., San Jose
  • I had the pleasure to have one of Lorena’s Resume Review Sessions.  I got more in that 15 minute session than I have gotten out of 20 hours of a one on one coach!  She is exceptional at what she does and well worth 10 fold what she charges.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with her yet, you are missing out!  - Don H., Seattle
  • I truly appreciate all the detailed information and excellent insight Lorena’s List provides to all her site visitors for Free.  I decided to take one of her Career Mentoring sessions and found her information simply extraordinary.  All of her information was spot on and I am happy to say helped me land my (last) position.  – Sharon F., Atlanta
  • WOW! Lorena's latest training session was just awesome!  I am very impressed with all her expert technique's and ideas.  I recommend her highly for anyone who wants or needs to take their Career Search to the next level. Thanks Lorena - I have been rejuvenated! – Kapoor B., No. Carolina
  • In a highly competitive industry that requires highly specialized talent, it was a "no brainer" for me to turn to Lorena to consult me on my Career transition needs.  She “gets it”.  Even when I’m on a webinar with 1,000’s of other people, Lorena has a way of reaching out and making me feel like its me she is talking to.  I guess her secret is she really knows who her market is and advises them well.  If you look at her background and experience, it’s no wonder she is as successful as she is.  In the past I’ve been embarrassed to admit that the real reason I began following Lorena is because of the financial mess I was in after I was laid off.  Now (that I’m fixed), I use my story to recommend my friends to Lorena.  – Harvey L., San Francisco
How Do I Deliver The Outcomes?
  • Lorena’s List email
  • Free eCourses
  • My Blog
  • Free Webinars
  • Social Network Groups
  • Live Webinar Series - Individual Topic Series or the entire Career Search Series
  • Videos
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • MP3s 
  • eBooks
  • Hosted Forums
  • Live In Person Events
  • One on One Coaching Sessions
Why Lorena's List?

I’ve been an Owner of a World Wide Executive Search firm for 15 years.  This firm is part of an organization that has 600 Offices and 6,000 plus Executive Recruiters.  Being part of this organization allows me continued access to proven real life, real time information.  As a group, we place approximately 3,000 candidates a month and connect with conservatively 100,000 Hiring Managers and HR Professionals a month.  My information is proven and has worked for Thousands of Career Seekers.  This is not fluff, it’s the real stuff.  This really is huge.  Where else can you get this kind of insight on such a large scale?

I am passionate about the entire Career cycle not just the Job of the moment.  I help people who are looking for their next Job, AND those planning for their next Career transition.

Not only am I focused on your Career, but I am also focused on helping you through any financial struggles that Career challenges may have brought you.

What Is My Business Model?

I have an online business whereby I can reach thousands of Career Seekers just like you.

How Did I Find You?
  • Through my network I’ve build over the last 15 years in the traditional Executive Recruiting world.
  • Through Joint Ventures with like minded businesses that also offer value to Career Seekers like you.
  • Through Social Media and Social Networks.
  • Through Web Events.
  • Through eZine Articles.
  • Through my Blog.
  • And my favorite method…….through a happy and satisfied referral!
How will I know if I am ready to be coached?
  • Are you committed to finding your next Career and doing your part to make it happen?
  • Are you willing to accept new perspectives? 
  • Are you ready to take any actions necessary to achieve your goals and Career aspirations?
  • Are you open to hear things that HR or Recruiters will never tell you? (Hint: sometimes it isn't pretty)
  • Are you prepared to make a financial investment to obtain the results you desire?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, you are definitely ready!

My Commitment To You:  I'm Here to Service You! 

I'll provide value by providing tips, advice, and resources to empower you to make informed decisions surrounding Career and Financial goals. 

The Scoop Served Straight Up!  No Twist!

I've worked hard to put this site together for you.  How did I do?  Please take your time to look around and use the resources here to your fullest benefit!  Have you checked out the FREE section yet?  You won’t be disappointed!

Keep updated when I release the newest secrets, insights and answers to your burning questions.  Subscribe to Lorena's List.  I’m always adding something new.  By subscribing you’ll never miss these important updates to catapult you forward in your Career and Finances!

I want to provide value!  Tell me what I can do to make this site better for YOU.  Don't be shy!  The only way this works is if you tell me what you want, so tell me.

In the meantime...

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