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Financial Stress Relief!

I have Exciting News to share!  I have teamed up with a Financial Solutions Company to provide you even more value in your journey towards greater Career and Financial Success!


Why Include Financial Solutions?

In 2008 something very sad became apparent.  It seemed all my interactions, whether in person, on the phone, at a meeting, even parties, money problems came up MOST of the time.  A lot of people are stressed out about money!


I’m a Recruiter right?  I’m supposed to talk about money with Employers and Candidates.  Of course this leads to discussions of how the economy is affecting them, and the financial stress they are facing. 

But it began to shock me just how often financial struggles became the main topic of my discussions.  And now in 2009, it's even worse!

I thought I might be making all this up in my head.  So I decided to go back and review my notes from conversations with Employers and Candidates.  To my surprise, financial problems were a major concern for nearly 7 out of every 10 people I talked with!

I decided to look deeper…

I spent two full months actively documenting topics of conversations I had every day.  From family, friends, work connections, the grocery store,  and yes even parties, I found 45% of the time the subject of financial concerns and the stresses it caused came up.  My pool of my connections runs across the country and in all age and salary ranges.  During the 2 months I intensely studied this, I made sure I was not the one bringing up the topic.

It was because of this realization I decided I needed to investigate possible solutions. 


Wow!  This problem must be getting a lot of attention because there sure are a lot of “solutions” out there, especially new companies offering help to those with significant credit card debt!  Upon closer evaluation, most of the players in the industry seemed to be scamming the consumer.  The extent of this is appalling. 

After exhausted research, I was convinced this was an area I was not going to be to able to offer advice in, until…..I met, Jesse Niesen, creator of the Debt Relief Guide Online.

I am not saying there aren’t other “legitimate” programs out there.  I am saying there aren’t any others I would recommend based on:

  • Proven Results Over Many Years
  • Proven Positive Customer Satisfaction
  • Reputation for Honest and Integrity
  • Completely Free, No Obligation, Debt Relief Guide
  • Trusted, Professional Consultants “On Demand” (If You Want Them)
  • Coaching and Guidance Through the Process (If You Want It)
  • Customer Focused Organization
  • Industry Experience and Tenure

Jesse’s Debt Relief Guide Online Program fulfilled all my criteria and I became a fan! I think you will too!

I sought out a venue in which I could share this information with you, privately and at your own discretion.  Thus, Lorena’s List!

Check it out for yourself! 

How is this different from anything else you may see on TV commercials, hear on the radio or bombarded with in your inbox?

  • No one will call you unless you want them to.
  • No one will email you unless you specifically ask them to.
  • You get FREE financial education and enlightenment.
  • Even if you’re not facing any financial hardship yourself, perhaps there’s someone in your life that is.  You can confidently refer them here and know that they’ll be handled professionally and honestly.

If you have any issues, please feel free to let me know.  I'll honestly be very surprised if you don't see the difference in the approach and integrity this program uses above all others.  That's the only reason I put my reputation on the line to be associated with it.  I'd love to hear your personal experiences. So far I've received overwhelmingly positive responses!  It makes me feel good to be able to help so many people. 

How does “financial solutions” fit into “recruiting”, and relate to you? 

Simple:  There are many reasons why Great Candidates are not making changes right now.  Personal financial stress is one big reason.

If they’re in a financial hardship, they’re not likely to have the confidence needed to make a change.  And even if they do, they may fear the background check (credit check) and not apply just for that reason alone.  There are ways to help relieve these stresses legitimately and get your life back on track. 

Most of us were taught reading, writing and arithmetic.  Most were not taught how to truly manage our personal finances so we can live and spend in a responsible manner.  Jesse’s Debt Relief Guide Online provides education on how to correct common mistakes to get you on the Fast Track to financial freedom.

Visitors to the program will learn how to get out of debt ASAP, how to improve their credit profile, how to save more money (now and in the future), and most importantly, how to free them self from the financial stress holding them back, all from a trusted source:

Get your Complimentary Debt Relief Guide Online

I’ve worked very hard the past few months to put this together for you.  Please accept this as my gift to you.

Let me know your thoughts.

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