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Got The Interview - Now What?!


Flow Of The Interview - Tips for the Candidate

Phase One:

  • First 5-10 minutes should be the Interviewer talking about the Company and the Position.  Basically giving an overview of who they are, what they do, why would someone want to work there, and why they're hiring.

Phase Two:

  • The next 10 minutes should be, you, the Candidate discussing your Key Accomplishments that relate to the Interviewer’s Hot Buttons.  Have your accomplishments written out detailing what the situation was, what you specifically did to fix it and what the outcome was. Be specific and state facts not opinions.

Phase Three:

  • The next 15 minutes, you, the Candidate should have 10-15 pre-written strategic business questions to ask the Interviewer.  The goal isn't to ask all the questions but to be prepared for where the interview takes you.  You should let Interviewer do most of the talking here.

Phase Four:

  • Conclusion of the Interview.  You should ask, “based on our discussions so far, are there any open issues or concerns with my ability to perform in this position”. Close for the next step.  Never leave without a commitment for the next step.  You want to be clear as to who is following up with you next and by when.  If the next step is with another Hiring Manager, ask the Interviewer for some insight to who the person is, what are they like, and if they have any tips for you to prepare for that interview.

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