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Twitter - Huh?

Just What Is It About Twitter Anyway?

Twitter Here, Twitter There, Twitter Everywhere! 

Everyone’s Twittering these days.  “Twittering”?  You’re still trying to figure out what Twitter is and now there is a whole new lingo being built around it!  If you’re interested in learning more about the Twitter Lingo, Go Here

So what’s Twitter you say?

Well you better find out fast.  It’s all around us and its here to stay. The short answer for you (in this context) is it’s another tool in your Career Search arsenal. It’s an online service that enables you to broadcast short messages to your friends or "followers." It also lets you specify which Twitter users you want to follow so you can read their messages in one place.

As I mention in Get the Career You Want – After you’ve identified companies you would like to work for, use Twitter to follow potential hiring managers so you can get a feel for their personal side as well as company culture. 

First go to and click "Join for free." For best results, use your real name when signing up; otherwise your friends won't be able to find you easily. It's also helpful to upload a picture. If you select the "Protect my updates" box, people won't be able to read your Twitters unless you authorize them. You'll have more fun if you leave this box unchecked. Just remember, everyone can read your Tweets (messages).

Start slowly so you can get a good feel for what Twitter is.  Build your profile showing off your professional abilities and put a message on there saying you are open to X opportunities (less “anxious” than looking for a job).

Build momentum slowly.  Follow select people (people in your current network and people at companies that you want to work for).  Followers will see that you are following and may reciprocate.  Then you can see their followers. 

Next, start Tweeting. Offer your opinion on news, industry happenings and seminars. If someone you follow, particularly an industry leader, says something controversial or interesting, Retweet (forward) it, or send the person a direct response. That can be an ideal way to get a casual but more personal conversation going.

A big part of using Twitter is to help you creatively break the ice.  It’s a way to show you’re a real person, not just another resume.  It also shows a little bit of your life outside of work.

Twitter Search

Here’s a cool way to use the Twitter Search Tool (taken from an article by Sam Richter):

Wondering what the CEO of one of your target Companies is saying at that private industry show where they’re presenting? You can bet someone in the audience is giving updates on Twitter. Wonder what customers think of your client's new product? Someone is probably "Tweeting" their opinion right now. Never before has instant communications been so ...instant!

To research a company, visit Twitter Search and enter in the company's name within quotation marks (e.g. "widget corporation"). To research a person, enter their name within quotation marks (e.g. "Donald Trump") and to see if the person has their own Twitter account, search using the @ sign before the name (e.g. @jimcramer).

Everyone from Host Mario Lopez on Extra to Sprint’s 4 G Network Commercial to Zappo’s online shoes CEO, Tony Hsieh to Corporate America, is Twittering.  Are you?

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