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10 Steps To A Winning Resume

A Resume will Not get you your dream Career....but it will DEFINITELY prevent you from even having a chance to interview for it.

You already know it takes seconds to leave a first impression.  Let’s make sure your Resume helps you make a Great one!

Before you dismiss the simplicity in some of these steps, know that over 50% of the Resumes I see miss at least one step.  In this competitive market, that almost guarantees you will not be called back.

1) Always have in mind your resume is a sales tool; not a biography on your whole life’s history.  Marital status, date of birth, health, are not relevant on your “sales pitch”.  Yes, like attracts like, but these items in particular have no place on your resume. 

2) Keep it clean, crisp, and to the point, using active voice when talking about your current position and strong past tense voice when talking about your past experiences. 

3) Make it exciting to read; make them want more, but also keep it in a business tone.

4) Should you or should you not list an Objective on your resume.  There are a variety of opinions arguing on both sides of the fence on this matter.  Here’s a simple way to look at it.  If it enhances your resume and makes a strong case for the particular position you are applying for, then by all means use it.  Make sure you don’t just state what you want, but include the benefit to the reader. Include any keywords in the position that you are applying for.

5) Definitely do NOT use it if you are at the C Level, it actually degrades your candidacy.  This is an absolute never that almost everyone would agree on.  Instead list your Role and the Benefits you brought to your last company in that Role and that you are looking to do the same for them.

6) Do NOT put, "References Provided Upon Request".  Please Don’t!  Of course you’ll provide references if you want the job.  That goes without saying, so don’t say it. 

7) Do have your references ready (more on this in Step 9 of the 10 Steps:  Getting The Career You Want eCourse - sign up here to start receiving it if you don't subscribe already) to give as a leave behind if asked. 

8) Know when to highlight your Education vs. Experience.  If you are more Junior in your Career, your educational background may have more impact and be more relevant that your specific experience.  This is also true if you are more Tenured and are applying for a position in the Educational field. 

However, if you are a Seasoned Professional with several solid years of experience in your industry expertise, you will want to highlight your Experience first.

9) This is not an art project.  Please don’t be “cutesy” or clever by adding unnecessary graphics to your resume.  Having a designed theme/layout on your resume is fine, but please don’t put a picture of a Mac Computer (or an apple) next to “proficient in the Macintosh Platform”.  Seriously, that has happened.

10) Now that you’ve applied these things, read your resume again.  Think in terms of how your candidacy is going to benefit the company, now re-read and write as if you were in their shoes. 

What would you want on there?  How would you want it phrased?  Sometimes it’s best to do all this at once and then put it down for a while, then come back later to fix it.

Did you use spell check?  Do it one more time just to be sure.

Now that you think you’re done, you’re not… 

Read it in about an hour (again).  Now read it out loud.  Now read it into a recorder.  Listen to it.  Listen to it again an hour later.  Now call someone you respect and ask them to read it. 

Now you’re done.  How do you like it?  If you’re not confident it’s what you want, Email Me and I can offer you some professional Resume Service options depending on your personal expectations.

In the meantime,

Want Even More Tips For A Winning Resume… 

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