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Flow Of The Interview – Tips For The Hiring Manager

Phase One:

  • First 5-10 minutes should be you, the Interviewer, selling the overall Opportunity, the Company, and the Position.  Basically giving an overview of who the Company is, what it does, why would someone want to work there, and why you're hiring.  Focus on selling the Candidate.  Also, explain what Key Accomplishments you are looking for in someone filling this position.

Phase Two:

  • The next 10 minutes should be the Candidate discussing their Key Accomplishments that relate to the 3 most important things you're looking to have accomplished in this position.  Listen for the Candidate detailing what the situation was, what they specifically did to fix it, and what the outcome was.  Look for facts not opinions.  Did they listen to what you said you were looking for and related their experiences to it?

Phase Three:

  • The next 15 minutes the Candidate should have some strategic business questions they ask you.  Please spend quality time answering each question the best you can.  Try to paint a picture of what it's like to work for your Company.

Phase Four:

  • Conclusion of the Interview.  Listen to see if the Candidate closes for the next step.  Be prepared to discuss next steps with the candidate.  They should be clear as to what takes place next, who's going to call them and by when.  Do not leave this step open ended.  This is the last impression the Candidate will have until the next step. 

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