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In case you haven’t heard, it seems we’re in an economic crisis!  Okay, that’s not new news.  Everywhere you turn we hear the effects the economy is having on everyone.  No one is immune.  When does it end?  None of us really know.  What we do know is it will end and we’ll survive! 

In the meantime; let me take some of the residual pressure off you!


You don’t need a solution you say……  None of this is affecting you.  That’s great news!  But if any of this is sounding familiar, I’d like to help.

If you’re currently EMPLOYED:

  • You’re afraid of losing your job; even if you don’t particularly like it, but you’re not looking.  They’re cutting your benefits, bonus opportunities, but you’re staying put because you don’t want to chance it.  Stress is overwhelming and replacing lost benefits is hurting you financially.
  • Job security (or insecurity) is overriding your Career choices, so you are staying put when you should be moving up, thus limiting your income.
  • You may love your job, but know your days are numbered because of the industry you’re in.

If you’re currently UNEMPLOYED:

  • You may be thinking of settling on something you don’t want; just to survive, but you aren’t going to be happy.  You’ll be moving again as soon as this crisis is over, but job hopping may limit great Career choices and income possibilities.
  • You may take something for less money than you need; just to make the critical bills.  Not a great choice for your credit, but it puts food on the table.
  • Your credit score is not allowing you to apply for the jobs you really want and are qualified for, again limiting the income you need and deserve.
  • You’re overqualified and can’t even get an interview – devastating to your pocket book and especially to your ego.

All of these situations, and more, are all too common "everyday scenarios" during these times. If you:

  • Aren’t in the right career,
  • Are in fear of losing your job,
  • Aren’t being paid what your worth,
  • Don’t even have a job,

You’ll run out of money.  If you run out of money, you can’t pay your bills.  If you don’t pay your bills, you’re hurting your credit.

We can try to help you with your Career search, but many of you will still be heavily financially impacted in the meantime.

For the first time this is happening to an unprecedented number of people it’s never happened to before.  From all walks of life; Fortune 500 CEO’s to Janitors at Mom and Pop Dry Cleaners; all income levels, all people, are underwater and in trouble.  Most have never experienced this, never planned for it and don’t know where to turn for a solution.  People are being made to feel they’re bad instead of just unprepared. 

To top it all off, we’re being hit by junk mail, T.V., radio, and telemarketers; scammers galore!  All are claiming to have “the solution” to relieve you of all your debt.  But who are these people?  How do you check them out?  Credit Repair, Credit Counselors, Debt Consolidation Loans, Bankruptcy?  Who and what is legit?  If legit, which is right for you? 

Here’s My Gift To You; a Complimentary Debt Relief Online Guide

Lorena’s List was started so you can turn to a trusted (advisor) resource.  I’m a resource you’ve been connected with and trusted for Career solutions.  Careers and Finances are closely aligned so it’s natural I would investigate possible financial solutions as well.  I want to help and not be limited to just traditional recruiting solutions.  I want to continue to provide something of value to best serve you, so I’ve partnered with a reputable Financial Solutions Company that can help.  I wouldn’t put my reputation on the line for just any solution.  I wouldn’t risk my network of over 180,000 people built from 15 years of recruiting and my network of over 1 million on LinkedIn.

Those of you who have worked with me directly can attest to my sincerity and integrity.  Read more in Hot Off The Press.  I want to introduce you to this FREE Debt Relief Guide with information that Credit Card Companies, Credit Bureaus, and even Credit Counseling Agencies don't want you to know about.  It’s free and even if you don't personally need it, perhaps you can pay it forward and send the information you get along to someone who is struggling. Or better yet, send it to a college age young adult that can be educated BEFORE they get into financial trouble. 

Has your credit been hit?  Find out now by getting your FREE Credit Report

I am excited to be able to present this gift to you and I hope it helps to positively impact your life as it has many others.


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