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Top 5 Reasons Recruiters Don't Call Back

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An overwhelming number of Survey Respondents say they want a Recruiting Partner in their Career Search; from start to finish.

Wow!  A recruiter’s dream right?!  Not necessarily.  Let me explain why. 

Top 5 Reasons Recruiters Don't Call Back

1)  They’re Just Not That Into You 

Candidly and realistically evaluate your history. You may be great, but have you fallen on horrific circumstances beyond your control and have had 5 jobs in the last year?  Honestly, they won’t call back.  Good news!  You’re still great and you will land a great Career; if you take control!  Take a look at Get The Career You Want and Hot Markets Hiring Now.

2)  What Is It You Do? 

You’re a Micro Biologist.  You’re sending your resume to Recruiters who recruit Software Engineers.  What?  Know your Recruiter or at least know who you’re targeting.  Take the time to learn about who you’re sending your Resume to.  Here’s a place to start your research as far as what types of Recruiters there are:  Find A Recruiter Now.  With this knowledge in hand, you’ll better be able to select the right Recruiter in your niche.

3)  You’re Too Easy To Get

If you’re blasting your resume “out there”, the Recruiter knows.  Why would they waste time if they think you’re looking at a 100 things?  What’s in it for them?  I’m not saying to limit yourself on Recruiters; heck, it’s your life we’re talking about!  I’m saying be selective and present yourself as a Hot Prospect and you’ll get the attention you deserve.  How?  Read Get The Career You Want.

4) They Don’t Have A Job

………for you.  You’re perfect in every way!  They’re intimidated (well, not really).  But they have nothing for you.  How do they tell you that?  Make it easier on them and tell them you’re actively seeking opportunities and only wish to work with a select few partners.  Ask them point blank if they’re willing to work with you to that end goal.

5) You Don’t Have A Job

Yes, that matters!  Sorry.  I have to be brutally honest.  Recruiters are specialists in their niche.  An employer pays them to find someone they could not find on their own.  Find out more in Find A Recruiter Now.

6) You’re Still Committed - OKAY, You "caught" me......(there's really 6)

……….to your current job.   Don’t waste a Recruiter’s time if you’re not serious about making a change.  You may be Hot, but they’ll know right away if they’re being played.  They won’t appreciate you “testing the waters” on their time.  If your true intention is to know what’s going on out there, just ask!  A great Recruiting Partner will be happy to share the latest on the industry! 

Are you being financially impacted by what’s going on in today’s market?  I’d like to share with you a Free Resource to check out some options to relieve some stress:  Financial Solutions and Trusted Advisors Are Gold.


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