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Pay Attention To The Details

Can They Get Ahold Of You 

You're in the midst of a Career search.  Please pay attention to the details!  Here's one that's very often missed. 

You're sending your resume to carefully selected Employers and Recruiters.  You have a Spam Filter that requires anyone emailing you (and even just replying to your email) to fill out a verification form. 

You know what I mean, re-enter your email, name, subject, and enter the verification letters and numbers (that no one can read).  Whew!  I just got tired typing all this, imagine how one feels doing it!

Big Hint:  Make it Easy 

You may think adding them to your Safe List will help. Beware! A different person in the organization may reply so you still may lose them. 

Hey, here's a thought.  Why not disable it temporarily.  It may cause you some discomfort, but it will make it easier for Recruiters and Hiring Managers to get ahold of you.  10 out of 100 resumes I receive have this filter.  I stopped filling out the form years ago.  Were you one that missed out?

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