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10 Steps To A Great Career - Step 1 of 10

Currently there’s an unprecedented amount of highly skilled, senior level talent on the market who can’t get a job let alone plan for a Career!

Most of these candidates have never had to look for employment in their life.  Most have been dedicated and loyal to their companies or have been highly sought after and recruited into their positions.  Most don’t know how to go about searching for their next Career.


Is This You?  How Can I Help?

I’ve personally spoken with many candidates like this.  I see these amazing resumes flood into my inbox each day!  I’ve tried to reach out to as many as I can on live phone calls to better understand what I can do to help.  It’s my personal mission to help as many people possible.  This includes me helping in ways that help you help yourself. 

I have guided many to my Candidate section:  Get The Career You Want.  If you haven’t done so, please take a moment to read it.  There’s a tremendous amount of good information and I’ve received excellent feedback so far. 

Because of the overwhelming feedback on this topic, over the next 10 weeks, I’ll dedicate one Blog Post to giving you even more suggestions, resources and ideas for each of the steps in Get The Career You Want.

Are you ready for me to expand on Step 1?!  Here we go!  

Step 1:  What Do You Want?

  • Make a List

Have 4 columns:

Criteria     Must Have     Nice To Have     Y/N

You can choose to have a 5th that scores a value to each.  Personally I believe simple is better.  Scoring adds a complexity I don’t want to have to think about.

  • Brainstorm

Let your ideas flow!  In a perfect world, you want (fill in the blank).  Start typing/writing everything you think of.  Don’t edit yourself (yet).  Just keep thinking.  Once you have a list of at least 20 criteria, start categorizing your Musts and Nice To Haves.  If your list is longer; better for you!  The more the better. 

  • Okay, Now Edit

Now you edit, edit, edit.  Don’t allow yourself to put a Nice to Have in a Must Have Column.  Your list will lose its value if you’re not clear and concise on your Musts vs. Nice.

Example:  If your criteria is Minimum Compensation of $85,000, ask yourself if an offer came in at $83,500, would I take it (assuming all other Must Haves were met)?  If the answer is yes, then $85,000 was not a Must Have.  Now try asking the same question with $80,000.  Keep whittling it down until you get to your absolute Must.  Don't worry, no one you're negotiating with sees your list.  This exercise is to help you become crystal clear.

Here is a Sample List template to help you get started.  Really spend some time here.  It sounds so simple, and it is, but it will take time if you're doing this right.  Give yourself an entire evening or whatever time is best for you to brainstorm.  Take this seriously to get good results.  Spending 3 to 4 hours making this list is time well spent.

  • Stay Focused

Once your list is finalized, it will help you stay focused.  The process og Getting The Career You Want is an emotional one which is why doing your homework upfront will keep you focused on your goals.  Times have changed a lot since the last time you conducted a Career Search.  I want you to have control by having your list and reminding yourself of what you really want. I know, we don’t always get exactly what we want, but you’ll have a much better shot if you are clear.  Writing it down and reviewing makes the odds of getting it much better.

Still having trouble with this?  Go to Step #2 in Get The Career You Want.  It'll give you even more ideas on how to tap into What You Want. 

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