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5 DON'Ts if You're Looking To Change Careers

Here are 5 Simple Tips to Follow If You're Looking to Make a Career Change. 

You would be surprised at how many do, but please:  



  • DON’T
    Have your Resume prepared by a firm that simply has 1 or 2 predefined formats and plugs your experiences into their cookie cutter formula.  Trust me, it shows!  You become a number.
    • I typically receive 300 to 500 unsolicited resumes a day.  Just the other day as an example, when going through resumes, I literally thought the same person sent me his resume 10 times.  Turns out it was 10 different people using the same service and the resumes looked identical.  I wonder how much they paid to just be a number?
    • The only caveat to this rule would be if you were screened by a specific service who then presented the same format to their client as a way of verifying they checked all candidates the same way and they were summarizing the results on an agreed upon format to make it easier for the Hiring Manager.  See the Difference?  One company (hired by the Hiring Manager) sending all their submittals to the Hiring Manager to make it easy for them.  In this case the Hiring Manager is the Customer.
    • Email me your resume and a good time to call you back so I can evaluate what you need and match you to a good solution.  I have helped many find the right solution that fits them.  Just put "I need a Resume Writer Referral" in the subject of your email along with your contact information, best times to call, and resume in the body and I'll get right back with you. 
  • DON’T
    Use a service to spread your resume to the World!  Take back control.
    • You may think the more the merrier, but please think twice!
    • Imagine people calling you and you don’t know who they are because you weren’t in control of who they submitted to.  It makes you look unprepared and bewildered to who ever calls you.
    • You have no idea of what your information looks like once they send it out and trust me they don’t care.  Even if you prepare it in a nice Word or PDF format, they will switch it to their format and it’s usually not appealing.
    • They have no idea how to highlight your accomplishments or skills; even if you do it for them.  Again, they conform to their format and their process; not your individuality.
    • They inadvertently send your resume to spammers because they don’t take the time to check into legitimate companies.
    • Even if they promise to only send it to quality recruiting firms, the firms know they are sending it to 1,000’s so why would a recruiter (who normally may be interested in you) make the effort to call.
  • DON’T
    Have someone else’s voice or name on the voicemail attached to the number you give as your primary contact number. 
    • My guess is most everyone reading this has a personal cell phone number with a personal voicemail.  Please use it.  You need to make it as easy as possible to the person calling you about your resume you submitted to them. They may never call again.  Make sure it is clear to them who they’ve reached. 
    • If you happen to share a cell phone or voicemail, see if the person you’re sharing it with would mind if you only had your name on the recording until you’ve secured your next position. 
  • DON’T
    Give out your references until you’ve had at least one interview with a Hiring Manager or someone in the department you are applying for and not just the HR Department.   Nothing against HR, as a matter of fact I support HR.  The point is perception and respect  for your references.
    • Your references are golden!  Don’t have them abused.
    • What does it say about a company that doesn’t give you the time to meet with the department you are interviewing for, but they want to delve into your personal references?
    • What does it say about you if you let them?
    • Many times they’re checking your references and recruiting them instead of you.  Would you want to compete with your own references before you got a shot at the real interview?
    • If you’re employed, trust me the rumor mill will be flowing as soon as you start giving out your references too soon!  I’ve seen it more times than I’d like.  You could lose your current position because of interviewing and never have had the chance to talk to the department you were actually interviewing for.
  • DON’T give up!  Perseverance shall prevail!  

Keep checking back as I’ll continue to offer more advice.  If you haven’t read:  Get The Career You Want, you may want to read that next.

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