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10 Steps To A Great Career - Step 4 of 10

Be Proactive 

Take Some Initiative and Control   

I realize you’re still working so you may not be able to devote as much time as you’d like to this process.  If this is true, and you’re in the top 20% of your peers, you should’ve already found a Recruiting Partner (or Partners) by this point. 

Take some time to plan your specific approach with them. Be prepared to give them your List you’ve put together.  What?  You still don’t have the List?  Okay, let’s see if I can help.

Start with at least one Company you want to work with and try some of these techniques on Google (or your favorite Search Engine):

  • Type in Top 10 Companies in (i.e. Green Technology, Energy Storage, Biofuels).  Be as specific as possible; notice my example.
  • Type in one of the Company names you came up with and in the search result click on “Similar pages”. Do this for every company you come up with to get an exhaustive list.
  • Industry associations, conventions/conferences, industry blogs, etc…, are also good resources to help you come up with a good list.
  • You can always use paid services such as Hoovers, ZoomInfo, or other research tools. 
  • LinkedIn is also a very viable option.  By the way, take this moment to get LinkedIn to me.  As of this post I have over 5,500 direct connects which represents almost 14 Million connections I’m attached to.  This would be a huge advantage for you!

You should have a healthy List by now. Don’t stop at 5 or 10. Challenge yourself to find 20 or more.  It will be well worth your effort.

Distribute your List to your Recruiter(s).  Keep in mind not to give more than one Recruiter the same target Company. 

Make sure you’re in agreement that you’ll interview with the Companies they’re targeting if they get an interview on your behalf.  Don’t waste the Recruiter’s time if you’re not serious.  This will come back to haunt you.  If not now, trust me it will down the road when you really need them!

If you are unemployed, your best plan may be to work on your own campaign. 
Since you need to have a little more invested in this process, you may want to take your research a little further. 

Go to Indeed or Simply Hired.  Type in the title of position you’d be looking for.  See what comes up.  If that doesn’t work, start typing in some of the functions of your position.  Keep playing around until you get some good hits.  Don’t limit to geography because you are just doing research now.  Find the names of companies that have the job you would desire.  Now start researching those companies.  Add these to your List

Next, research everything notable about each company. What current events are happening with each? What challenges are they facing? See which ones have openings on their site that match your qualifications; but that’s just a bonus. The best openings are the ones not advertised. Fill out a general inquiry if their site has one. Register yourself and let them know what kind of opportunities you'd be interested in.

Find out who the hiring manager is for the position you want to be hired for. Use LinkedIn to find out who they are.  See if there’s anything notable about them on their site. Directly send your resume to them, including your cover letter with the 3 to 5 things that make you stand out from your peers.

Turn the challenges they're facing into opportunities for you, by addressing how you’d deal with them. If they have a specific opening, tie your experiences to their needs based on the opening. Make sure the cover letter is high impact, but brief. Just give them a taste for what you can do for them. Make them want to read your resume.  Make them want to talk to you.

Twitter your hiring manager. Start following them to see if you can relate your experiences to anything they’re currently doing. If nothing else, it will provide name recognition when Twitter lets them know you’re following them. Don’t worry; no one will think you are a stalker! Since you're there, Twitter me, I'll Twitter you right back!  Twitter Who?  Twitter What?  Still don't know what Twitter is?  Read this and see if it helps.

How’s it coming along?  Don’t worry; I’m right here with you.  Are you ready for Step #5 in Getting The Job You Want!

If you don't have time, resources, or access to do some of the research above (such as Hoovers and ZoomInfo), look at my new research service.  For a nominal fee, I can get you access to some great research.  Just be very specific in what it is you want and I will work with you to get the information you desire.

In the meantime, take a look at this very interesting You Tube Video.  Did you know???





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