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10 Steps To A Great Career - Steps 5 - 10

Hey, Where Did You Go! I Miss My Steps!

Have you been diligently following The 10 Steps?
Have you been anxiously waiting for Step 5 and beyond?


Hello Loyal Blog Followers! Are you wondering what happened? Well wonder no more. I took a little over a week "off" this project so I could focus on much more fruitful and valuable content for you!

I have received great feedback from Loyal Blog Followers on these Steps to Getting The Career You Want. But another interesting thing has been happening behind the scenes.  I've literally been inundated with requests to hold Personal Coaching Sessions to guide you along the Career Search process.

While I'm flattered, my intent has always been to provide my readers with as much content as possible so that you may conduct a Career Search on your own. If I can give you as many tools as possible so you are able to coach yourself through the process without having to pay someone else, that would feel like a "mission accomplished scenario". I realize some of you may still want the personalized attention, but for those who don't or simply can't financially go that route, I want you to have options too.

In an effort to honor my true intentions, I've spent the time "away" from the Blog to revise the 10 Steps to include even more details and examples along with my support. If you haven’t done so already, Click Here to officially sign up to Lorena's List. This will allow you to be informed of the many, many valuable "no cost" offerings Lorena’s List provides. You will also stay on top of what’s going on in today’s job market.

When you sign up to Lorena’s List, you will get many wonderful freebies as well as an opportunity to sign up to My Career eCourse which will continue these 10 Steps to Getting The Career You Want, that you’ve so enjoyed. You will also notice another free eCourse, My Career Coach. Take a look and sign up to one or both if you like. They are free and you can always opt out at any time.

If you’ve gone through one or both the free eCourses, and still want more personalized attention, try looking at my new Private Label Book, Don’t Interview…AUDITION! 

Don' Interview – Audition!

If after you’ve tried all three of those avenues you're still be interested in my Career Coaching Services, Go Here to find out more.








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