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Blogging on Careers and Finance

Coffee Break

Funny!This has nothing to do with Careers or Finance, but I thought we all could use a little Humor amidst all the Doom and Gloom!  If you ever feel stupid, then just read on.... read more »

Yikes! I Have To Interview Someone Today

CONDUCTING AN INTERVIEWFlow Of The Interview – Tips For The Hiring ManagerPhase One:First 5-10 minutes should be you, the Interviewer, selling the overall Opportunity, the Co... read more »

Trusted Advisors Are Gold

And Some Come Baring Gifts!In case you haven’t heard, it seems we’re in an economic crisis!  Okay, that’s not new news.  Everywhere you turn we hear the effects the ec... read more »

Experiences With A Headhunter

  Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To You?              You’re a known expert at what you do. A Recruiter calls you about the greatest opportunity. ... read more »

Top 5 Reasons Recruiters Don't Call Back

Early Results Are In!An overwhelming number of Survey Respondents say they want a Recruiting Partner in their Career Search; from start to finish.Wow!  A recruiter’s dream right?!  Not... read more »

Got The Interview - Now What?!

WHAT TO EXPECT ON AN INTERVIEWFlow Of The Interview - Tips for the CandidatePhase One:First 5-10 minutes should be the Interviewer talking about the Company and the Position.  Basically givi... read more »

Financially Struggling.....

You Have ChoicesYou’re NOT alone!  In my business I talk to a minimum of 20 people a day – some days up to 50.  At least 80% are concerned about their lack of reserves.  40%... read more »

Pay Attention To The Details

Can They Get Ahold Of You You're in the midst of a Career search.  Please pay attention to the details!  Here's one that's very often missed.  You're sending your r... read more »

Blogging on Careers and Finance

Take Control of Your Career and Finances   WARNING!  Lorena’s List is driven by what you want!  Be careful of what you ask for, you may just get it here! I'll Reveal ... read more »

On The Lighter Side

Are You a Professional? The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and will tell you whether you're qualified to be a "professional." Think you’re ready? Let’s go!The a... read more »

10 Steps To A Great Career - Step 1 of 10

Currently there’s an unprecedented amount of highly skilled, senior level talent on the market who can’t get a job let alone plan for a Career!Most of these candidates have never had to lo... read more »

5 DON'Ts if You're Looking To Change Careers

Here are 5 Simple Tips to Follow If You're Looking to Make a Career Change.  You would be surprised at how many do, but please:  DON’T DO THIS:   DON&rsquo... read more »

10 Steps To A Great Career - Step 2 of 10

 Step 2 of 10:  Why Are You Looking?Get ready with some pen and paper!  Or better yet, type this up on your computer so you can actually read it later. Make a List.  Does this... read more »

10 Steps To A Great Career - Step 3 of 10

 Should you use a Recruiter or go it alone?This is a critical question.  And can determine the outcome of your search. Recruiter, Solo or Combo?  Determine early if it makes sense,... read more »

10 Steps To A Great Career - Evidence From CNN

VALIDATION From The World of CNN If you're following my 10 Steps To A Great Career, I thought you'd enjoy this reinforcement clip from CNN.It validates many of the points I'm mak... read more »

Did You Know.... - Must See You Tube Video

Must See Video!It's not often I come across something so thought provoking.  This Video will really make you think!  Did You Know.....?All I can say is I didn't know! ... read more »

California Emloyers - Money to Support You

Do You Have a New Company You're Forming and Looking for the Right Resources to Help?  Now may be the best time to accelerate your business concept!  Golden Capital Network has just anno... read more »

10 Steps To A Great Career - Step 4 of 10

Be Proactive Take Some Initiative and Control   EMPLOYED:  I realize you’re still working so you may not be able to devote as much time as you’d like to this proce... read more »

2009 Hiring Forecast

Latest Q2 Hiring Trends and ForecastsThis is the latest information compiled by three great resources for Hiring Trends in the United States for 2009.  This Report was put together by USA Today, ... read more »

10 Steps To A Great Career - Steps 5 - 10

Hey, Where Did You Go! I Miss My Steps!Have you been diligently following The 10 Steps? Have you been anxiously waiting for Step 5 and beyond?  Hello Loyal Blog Followers! Are you wondering what ... read more »

Twitter - Huh?

Just What Is It About Twitter Anyway?Twitter Here, Twitter There, Twitter Everywhere!  Everyone’s Twittering these days.  “Twittering”?  You’re still trying to f... read more »

10 Steps To A Winning Resume

A Resume will Not get you your dream Career....but it will DEFINITELY prevent you from even having a chance to interview for it.You already know it takes seconds to leave a first impression.  Let... read more »

10 Ways To Get In Front Of A Hiring Manager

Get Creative To Get In Front Of A Hiring ManagerIn My Career eCourse (if you haven't Signed Up to Lorena's List yet, do so now to take advantage of this Free eCourse I'm offering) I asked ... read more »

You May Need A Career Coach If...

You're Not Just Pounding The Pavement...  You're Pulverizing It!  And, Yet, Here You Are...Still Unemployed Do you know how to look for a job?If you’re relying on Job... read more »

Things Actually Said In An Interview

HAPPY 4th!!  While You're Relaxing This Holiday...I thought you'd like some entertaining and real life stories to read.  What do you think about this...43 Things Actually Said in Job... read more »

Top 10 Questions To Ask A Recruiter

You Are Top Talent - Make Sure You Are Working With A Top Recruiter If you’ve read Get the Career You Want and Top 5 Reasons Why Recruiters Don’t Call Back, and you still feel you should ... read more »

The Pre-Interview Test Most Miss; And How To Pass It - Part 1 of 2

The Pre-Interview Test Most Miss; And How To Pass It Every Time Does this describe you?  You are Employable but not currently Employed.   You know you’ve been perfect for the... read more »

The Pre-Interview Test Most Miss; And How To Pass It - Part 2 of 2

The Pre-Interview Test Most Miss; And How To Pass It Every Time Part 2 Welcome to Part Two of How To Pass The Pre-Interview Test Most Miss.  Now that I’ve spent some time demystifying what... read more »


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