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Contract Staffing Explained

What is Contract Staffing Anyway?

Contract Staffing is a term used to describe Employees hired on a Contract basis to perform specific functions in a contractual relationship and for a defined period of time.

Contract Employees can be hired through Executive Recruiting Firms like WorldBridge Partners, who have Contract Staffing Divisions or they can work as Independent Contractors.  The benefit of going through an Executive Recruiting firm is that you will receive a W2 at the end of the year and you have benefit options. 

Some other terms used to describe a Contract Staffing Employee are:

  • Contract Employee
  • Temp
  • Independent Contractor
  • Interim Executive
There are typically two situations an Employer would want to enter into a Contract Staffing Situation.

1. Temp-to-Perm Employees

If an Employer and a Candidate are unsure about entering into a traditional Employer/Employee relationship, a Temp-to-Perm (Contract Staffing) opportunity may exist.  This could be a great way to ensure an employer you are the RIGHT candidate for the position.  What does anyone have to lose?  There is no obligation; even on your part.  Take this opportunity to sell yourself into Client Companies!

2. Professional Temps

This is another great opportunity for those who are a bit more entrepreneurial but still like being attached to larger organizations.  Coming into the opportunity as a “hired” Executive Expert will allow you to shine with your specific expertise and keep the politics and stress out of your lifestyle. 

Temporary Executive assignments increases flexibility in your personal and professional life. You work when, how and where you want. The Interim Executive can earn very competitive wages and will perform high level, consultant-like tasks. Seasoned pros are always in high demand (in any Economy) because they can hit the ground running with little ramp up time required.

Why Temp?

Candidates choose Interim opportunities for a variety of reasons, depending on personal and professional objectives.

  • Flexibility of schedules
  • Allows time to finish education or pursue other interests
  • Opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of technology by being exposed to multiple platforms in a variety of companies.
  • Enhances their resumes and skill sets
  • It's a great way to experience a possible permanent position
  • They like the variety and diversity of the jobs they are assigned
  • A good way to re-enter the job market or prove the have the ability to change industries
From the Employer’s Perspective

This is an ideal option for the Employer if they are unsure of someone’s specific skills or if they have a specific special assignment that will only take a limited time to complete.  Engaging into a Contract Staffing relationship relieves them from spending the effort, time and expense to search, interview and hire new employees and then lay them off afterwards, assuming the qualified staff can be found.

Interim Contract Services can offer a number of benefits to the Employer:

  • Immediate availability for short term projects or absences
  • Bridge specialty skills gap during permanent search process
  • Audition prospective permanent talent
  • Respond more rapidly to changing markets
  • Provides alternatives with hiring freezes or tight budgets
  • Knowledge transfer and training for current staff while receiving production
  • Test new positions
  • Easier to walk away
  • Flexibility
  • Cost savings

If you are creative in your approach and you find a Company willing to explore a Contract Staffing arrangement with you, please let me know if I can help you seal the deal by providing the Pay-rolling for the Company!

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