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Qualified Executive Talent Program

Do You Qualify?

I am currently piloting an exciting new program called “Private Executive Talent Pool” and would like to invite you to see if you qualify for this exclusive Program.

Even if you're currently working, you will not want to miss out on being a member of this Private Executive Talent Pool as it is completely confidential!  You will have more control over your future career choices.

Since the program is in Beta, I'm rolling it out in a very limited geography (Sacramento, CA).  I'm a couple of months away of launching a major campaign to Sacramento area Companies.  I'll be letting them know I have the largest network of Top Talent in the Sacramento area; confidentially registered with me.  If this Beta program tests out well, I expect to start rolling it out slowly across the U.S. over the next year.

What does this mean for you?

  • You're A Listed! You'll have a confidential bio/resume in my membership database, giving Sacramento area Companies the opportunity to request your approval for a private interview should they have a suitable opportunity available.
  • You're in control! Your identity is NOT revealed unless you give me permission to share it with a specific company upon their interview request.
  • You're in the know! Sacramento area companies can confidentially conduct searches at all times, allowing them to manage their talent pool and select from Top Talent that has been A Listed.
  • FREE to you! Best of all, as always; no cost to you!

How is this different from normal recruiting practices?

You must be qualified to participate.  Take a look at the qualifications needed below.


  • You must be able to document you have consecutively earned $100K plus in the last 3 years.
  • You must have been with no more than 2 jobs in the last 7 years.
  • You must be able to list 3 major achievements (that references can verify) in your last 3 positions. These achievements must be significant and would signify you as Top Talent.
  • Please provide a "blinded" version of your bio/resume so that I can maintain your confidentiality. From time to time, I will market a candidate’s skills to Sacramento area companies.  I want to make sure  identities are fully protected. I can provide samples to help with this.

That was simple.  I qualify; what else?

Congratulations!  Please read on. 

Your Participation 
I need specific and verifiable information from you in order to qualify you for membership. Please completely and accurately fill out this Form or this Form.  Choose the form that most specifically applies to you.

Sacramento Exclusive
Currently I am only offering this program to Sacramento area companies.

What makes this program so different? 

The above must be met to Qualify for the program. The difference between this program and normal recruiting activities is having pre-qualified candidates in the database so that pro active Hiring Managers can continuously tap into my network and request matches based on requirements they may confidentially have. The hiring company is doing the matching based on their needs.

If this sounds like a program you wish to be a part of, please start by filling out one of the forms above and submit your blinded resume/bio to me Here.  You may also supply an updated regular version of your resume if you wish. I'll be in touch shortly to let you know if you qualify.

If timing is not right for you for this exclusive program, please feel free to pass this invitation to someone you know and respect that would qualify.   Make sure you tell them to let me know they heard it from the Lorena's List website.

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