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New Resource Available - Career Coaching

If you're still interested in a Career Coach...

Here are 3 Solutions for You to Consider:

1.  Don Straits

Don provides out-of-the-box executive job search strategies, leadership development, credentials portfolio development, and salary negotiation strategies to executives. He has been recognized for his innovative executive portfolios that include video clip introductions of the candidates, plus incorporation of graphs, tables and charts to establish credibility and enhance marketability.

To learn more about Don's services, please Contact Don Here.  Make sure you mention you are a Lorena's List Preferred Customer.

2.  Kevin Kermes

Kevin is the Founder of Build the Career You Deserve, a company devoted to empowering professionals with the vital tools and information necessary to find the job they want and have the successful career they deserve.  Kevin developed a suite of coaching programs and informational products tailored to professionals looking to make a job – or career – change.

To learn more about Kevin's services, please Contact Kevin Here.  Make sure you mention you're a Lorena's List Preferred Customer.

3.  Me, Lorena Stanley

My sessions are conservatively priced to keep in line with my philosophy of helping as many of you as I can and making it as affordable as possible.  First Class Quality Content is also important to me.

In the past I only offered a single option which was a One on One Session for my Candidates to personally be coached by me in a Content Rich format.  This included 8 one hour sessions.  I priced these sessions at $1,495 and have sold out all my available appointments until mid September. 

I Have Recently Created A New Option for $295!  See Below For Details:

Because I know many of you are still wanting (and needing) this service, but can't afford it, I have created a new option.  I will deliver the same Content in the same 8 one hour sessions, however in order to make it more economical for you, I will offer this in a group format, with a limit of 15 attendees per call.

CLICK HERE for more details on what the Sessions cover!

In many ways this format is a huge benefit to you:

  • Affordability - I am able to spread the costs to your advantage
  • Group Knowledge -  You'll benefit from questions others ask (that you may have never thought of)
  • Group Encouragement - Experience what others apply from the sessions and talk about their successes.
I'm able to offer these sessions to you at an Incredible Value at $497
BONUS:  You'll also receive my Private Label Book Don't Interview...AUDITION! Hard Cover Edition ($29.97 Value) Free when you purchase these sessions.

Use The Order Button Below To Place Your Order: 

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