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Best In Class Hiring Strategies

Strategies to Improve Your Hiring Hit Rate


This is a revealing look at what successful companies have done to improve their Talent Acquisition Strategy. 

The study was conducted by the Aberdeen Group, the leaders in fact-based research focused on technology.  

Any way you slice it, small, medium, large or largest, technology plays an enormous role in all facets of your business and directly relates to your ultimate success.  Yes, that includes your Talent Acquisition Strategy.  Technology driven solutions don’t have to equal cost prohibitive resources. 

I'll be reviewing many vendors over the next several months.  I will put together a list (can you tell I love lists...) of a chosen few that provide cost effective value to your business.  I’m currently in the process of negotiating some special discounts to readers of Lorena’s List!

In the meantime, please enjoy reading this study.

Let me know your thoughts.

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