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Hire The Best in '09 Using My Private Program

I am currently piloting a new program called “Private Executive Talent Pool”.  Even if you're not hiring any net new headcount for 2009, you'll still want to take advantage of this unique (and price advantageous) opportunity to consider upgrading your existing team.

WHY?  Given the current economic environment, I wanted to create something of significant value to both companies looking to upgrade their teams locally (exclusive to the Sacramento, CA geography for now) and candidates that may be unsure of their future.  Many of these candidates are still employed, yet open to considering better career growth opportunities.  Other candidates have had very successful track records in prior companies, but their industry downturn has forced them to look elsewhere.

In this program I am making available Executive Level Candidates (and Senior Sales Top Performers), with a proven Track Record of Success, at an unprecedented affordable pricing structure!

Specifically what I'm offering:

  • Top Talent with a listing of at least 3 major achievements (that references can verify) in their last 2 jobs explaining why they are considered “game changers”
  • Verifiable $100K plus candidates
  • Candidates with no more than 2 jobs in the last 7 years
  • Additional Criteria Filtered but not Required

In a typical Executive Search Assignment, the fee would be $30K to $150K for these candidates.  You are getting access to these candidates for FREE.  Should you hire one, you'll only be charged $5K!  Why?  Because you're doing the matching.

Please email me directly so I can connect you with the right Recruiter to tell you more about this unique Program!

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