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Many Companies are feeling the pinch of our current economy.  I'm here to provide you with as much information you need so you can economically and effectively maintain your Talent Pool!

I'll give you valuable insight into how Recruiters do what they do.  I’ll detail the tricks of the trade! 

Why?  Why not?  Times are tough for everyone.  You should have this information available so you can make the best decision for your Company and choose to work with a Recruiter or not.   

I'll provide a well rounded perspective so you're in control to make more informed choices in building your Talent Acquisition Strategy.  Use Lorena’s List as your resource.

Lorena’s List will help you enhance your recruiting efforts and reduce costs.  I'll even show you some ways to help eliminate some personal stress from your current team.  Want a quick peek now?  Go Here

Enjoy Reading And Learning From What I’ve Put Together! 

If you don’t find it here, just ask!  Let me know what you want to know.  If you haven’t told me what you want from your recruiter yet, please do Here! Whatever your comments or suggestions are, I will take notice.  It'll help me continue to evolve this site with dynamic content that you want. I really care about what will actually help you. If I can’t provide it, I can try to direct you to who can.

Keep updated when I release the newest secrets, insights and answers to your burning questions. Subscribe to Lorena's List.   I’m always adding something new. By subscribing you’ll never miss these important updates to catapult you forward in your career and finances!

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