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Our List is Growing Every Day!  With that Growth I’ve caught the eye of some very Special Partners that want to help you succeed! 

The following have all been carefully selected as interesting and exciting resources for the Professional Level Career Seeker.  They all provide a unique benefit to your Career Search Process.

  • Never lose your documents again! You've finally got your Resume dialed in.  You have the perfect template for your cover letter.  You've sent out 100 emails to great companies and you've saved all your documentation on your trusty laptop.  Bill Gates will hate me for saying this...but if you work in Windows, it’s WHEN not IF your computer crashes... You’ll be happy you signed up for this cost effective solution! If you're looking for an online backup service to configure once and forget about it, this is the best pure online backup service because it requires no ongoing maintenance AND IT WORKS!  Trust me, I'm so glad I'm a subscriber because when I had a system crash, I was able to recover YEARS of data I thought was lost forever.  THANK YOU Carbonite!
    Use this Service to re-connect with potential resources for your current Career Search. If you've been following along in my Blog or my Free eCourses, you'll know re-connecting with your past may provide excellent current resources for your Career Search.  Join to find out who you went to school with who may now have some influence on your Career Path today! 

  • Here is another excellent service to re-connect with your past.  I recommend joining both Classmates and My Life as you never know which ones your past connected on.  Besides, you know you'll have FUN doing it!  You may be more familiar with My Life's previous name:  Check out their new look!

  • Network, Network, Network!  Hand out your cards when you meet new people.  Hand out your cards when you see old friends.  Hand out your card when you go to a meeting.  Heck, leave your cards behind when you go to lunch, you never know who will pick it up!  Don't have a job?  Don't know what to put on that card?  Read more tips Here!

  • Journaling, keeping a diary, expressive writing… something so simple, and yet so powerful. For centuries people have been recording their thoughts. Having a record of experiences and states, and the act of putting them into legible words, provides us with a sense of relief and/or joy! For some journaling is fun, for others it’s for health, and for many it is both. Your Career Search may be causing some stresses in your life. Try recording your thoughts and see if helps relieve stress and clarify your goals!

  • The Career Search Process is also a self discovery process. Perhaps you discovered you’d like to start your own business. It’s not a surprising conclusion as more people than in any time in History have decided to take that leap. Perhaps you can coordinate this idea along with your Career Search as you may need to fund your new venture for a while. Here is an excellent partner with a very recognizable name and high quality products to help you get started. Check out some of Entrepreneur’s choice ideas for you all bundled in one package!  

  • The Career Search Process probably isn’t one you’d put high on your Bucket List, but through Strength, Perseverance, Guidance and Support, it can be a positive experience! Do you have a child and would like to be proactive and improve their odds of also having a positive Career Search Process in their lifetime? Here is a site that can assist you as a Parent in preparing them to do well on their LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT. The first step in their future Career Planning Process.

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