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Today’s market is like none other with many candidates facing layoffs for the first time ever in their careers. Take a look at some of the select books and magazines I've evaluated and highly recommend for today’s Career Seeker.

  • There are several selections I highly recommend available to you on Amazon.  Please take a moment to browse my choices for the Professional Career Seeker.

  • This is a very cool device that you can read your favorite Amazon selections on!  Take a Look!

  • Do you want to learn the secrets of acing The Interview...Your Interview?!  Click the above Link to learn more about Don't Interview...AUDITION!

  • Discount Gold Offer This service came highly recommended to me by several subscribers!  It's a new concept in downloading audio.  Let me know what you think! This is a new Partner I am recommending based on all the positive feedback.  I'm interested in your opinion!

  • Select Trade Publications.  Pick one that references your industry or pick an industry you would enjoy learning more about!  Take advantage of their great offers, many are Free...!

  • More select Trade Publications.  More is better for you!


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