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Would you like to take advantage of my free eCourse – 10 Steps To Getting The Career You Want?

You may have already visited the link Get The Career You Want in my Welcome Email.  That’s the short version of the full program. 

So why take the eCourse?  My eCourse is an expansion of each Step and will be filled with a detailed information and motivation from me to help you along the way.

Here’s what you’ll receive:
  • Step 1 – What Do You Want
  • Step 2 – Why Are You Looking
  • Step 3 – Recruiter, Solo or Combo
  • Step 4 – Be Proactive
  • Step 5 – Your First Impression is Lasting
  • Step 6 – Take Them to Lunch
  • Step 7 –  Let Technology Work for You
  • Step 8 –  Network, Network, Network
  • Step 9 -  Have References Ready to Go – Go!
  • Step 10 – Think Outside The Box

These emails will be sent to you at a pace of 1 every 3 days.  Why 3 days?  If you’re someone that’s currently looking and needing to take control of your Career Search, you’ve told me you want this information as quickly as possible.  I tried to give you enough time in between emails to do the work necessary for each Step. 

The information isn’t difficult or complex and you may have heard or read about some of the very same techniques from other sources.  Sometimes you just need to hear it again in an organized fashion and someone to guide you through the process.  This eCourse was created because you asked for it.

Are you thinking of conducting your own search?  Would you like to try the free eCourse?  Simply sign up using the boxes above and you'll immediately receive Step 1.  You may opt out any time you wish.

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