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Is Your Resume Getting You The Attention You Deserve?  Are You Even Getting Calls To Even HaveThe First Interview?  I Can Help! 

A Resume is one important tool to help you get the Interview.  A Resume doesn’t get you the job, but you need a good one to have the opportunity to compete.

First Try Reading my Blog Article:  10 Steps To A Winning Resume.  Filled with real life suggestions coming directly from 15 years of what hiring managers have told me they are looking for in a resume.

Next Try Reading an Excerpt From One Of My Free eCourses:  What Is Your Resume Saying About You? Great tips on creating a winning resume.

If after reviewing the Free information you still feel you need a little help with your Resume, I recommend purchasing the book Don’t Interview…AUDITION!

I also have a Resume Review Service I offer.  Not only do I review your resume with you live, I also answer 5 questions that you may have concerning your Career Search.

If you still want more help, Lorena’s List has partnered with top notch Certified Resume Writers.  I have screened these resources for quality, proven results, customer service and cost effectiveness.  Please contact me here and I will refer a Certified Resume Writer to service your needs.

Although these service providers have been screened by me, I invite you to ask them the following questions so you feel comfortable with your Referral: 

Question #1

Are you a certified resume writer?  

If they are, you may want to ask by which Organization?

The four main organizations are:

  • Career Directors International (CDI)
Career Masters Institute (CMI)
Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW / CC)
National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA)

You can confirm their status by visiting the websites of those credentialing organizations.
A Resume Certification means several things (but should not be the only determining factor in your decision).

  • It means the Writer took the time, energy, and resources necessary to join a professional organization. That is, they see themselves as professionals and are serious about their craft.
  • It means they have passed an examination, submitted samples of their work, and passed the scrutiny of their peers.
  • Many attend annual conferences where they are updated on the latest and most effective techniques in resume writing.  Ask your Writer if they have attended a conference recently.  There is constantly new information being introduced and they should be on top of it.

Question #2

What is your employment history?

More important than the Certification and the number of years they have been a Resume Writer is their background and ability to package your skills and abilities to help you obtain the Career you deserve based on your past accomplishments.

Their background can include:

  • HR
  • Recruiting
  • Consulting in HR
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Branding
  • And Other Related Fields

Question #3

Do you have experience in writing resumes for my specific profession or industry?

If your Resume Writer has no experience writing resumes for your industry or profession it may be difficult for them to relay your experiences in the most compelling manner.  An ideal Resume Writer working on your assignment should be familiar with the lingo of your profession. 

Question #4

How much will your service cost?

A good Resume Writer will spend hours on your campaign including gathering information from you to create a unique and compelling resume to generate interest by decision-makers. 

A reputable firm with experienced, Certified Writers will generally charge anywhere from $150-$500 per resume, depending upon your career level and other factors. If the price is significantly below or above this range, alarm bells should go off.

There are “resume mills” on the Internet that charge very low prices (kind of like getting your car painted “like new” for $99).  They generally work from templates so they can quickly finish your resume and move on to the next person.

Question #5

Do you have a guarantee?  If so, what is it?

Most Resume Writing Services offer at the very minimum, a “rewrite” guarantee. That means that if you are dissatisfied with the first draft, they will take input from you on your concerns, and generate at least one rewrite.

Some Writers “guarantee” that your new resume will generate interviews and if it doesn’t their remedy is to rewrite your resume.

Question #6

When will my order be completed?

Unless your background is extremely complex , your resume should be ready in a week or less, preferably two to three days. Any longer than a week is generally not a good sign. I have seen Resume Writers who are great at taking in orders, only to let them gather dust and finally “crank them out” when pressed by the client. Of course, the timeline for completion only begins once you have furnished all of the information requested.

A good follow up question should be:

If you miss the promised delivery date what are my options?  They should offer some sort of concessions.

Question #7

How do you differentiate your services from other Resumes Writers?  How do you handle keywords? What about scannability?

A good Resume Writer will be up to date on all the latest techniques.

Question #8

How involved do you expect me to be in the resume preparation?

Their response should be nothing less of very involved, after all, they are telling your story.  If you are not heavily involved, you should worry.

Question #9

Will I have a consultation with the Resume Writer who will write my resume?

Many large Resume Writing Services have someone who interviews you and then forwards
that information to the next available Resume Writer. This approach can leave gaps and
mistakes in your resume that you may not see until it’s too late. Speaking directly to the Resume Writer gives you better results.

Question #10

What is your success rate and how do you track it? Do you keep track of your clients and past results?

Tracking past client’s results should come along with the territory for a Resume Writer.  They should jump at the chance to boast their success rates.  However, keep in mind, we are in a tough economy and an excellent resume alone doesn’t guarantee you your next opportunity, but it should at least help open the door.                                                                               

Question #11

How many resumes have you prepared in the past 12 months?  Do you have some fresh examples to show me, especially a before and after resume?

A follow up question should be:  Can I speak to a past client about your services?
Always ask for references. If they have good references from past clients they’ll put you in touch with some of them.

I pride myself in providing you with quality leads.  If for any reason the resume writer I  recommend is not satisfactory, please contact me immediately so I can provide you another referral.  I will also fully investigate the reason for the dissatisfaction.  I pay close attention to issues brought to my attention and will consider eliminating the Resume Writer from my referral partners if necessary.  So far I have gotten excellent feedback on everyone of the referrals I have recommended to date.

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